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Bitcoin Adoption Opportunity: Teenagers

By: Vitalik Buterin

In order for Bitcoin, like any other product that is heavily reliant on network effects, to reach mainstream usage, it must neceessarily grow in stages. There are two models for this type of growth...

Bitcoin: What Is It?

By: Vitalik Buterin

The question of what is Bitcoin seems at first to be an obvious one: "Bitcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency created by Satoshi Nakamoto". But within this simple answer, lying hid...

Warfare in a Bitcoin World

By: Vitalik Buterin

A world of electronic currency as it stands has allowed for an unpredecented amount of phyisical decentralization in modern organizations. A single web company might have some employees in one city...

Social Democracy Enforced in Currency

By: Vitalik Buterin

One of the unique features of Bitcoin is that it enforces certain features of social organization in code - the inflation rate is precisely controlled in code, and it is impossible for anyone to fo...

Alternative Distributed Currency Creation and Distribution Models and Implementation

By: Vitalik Buterin

Bitcoin's economic model is one of deflationism: while the monetary supply is currently rapidly growing, the growth rate will [slow down in 2013](

Bitcoin, Alternative Applications and the Profit Motive

By: Vitalik Buterin

Previously, I talked about the key factor that makes Bitcoin such a stable system - it is based on a set o...

Bitcoin, Decentralization and the Nash Equilibrium

By: Vitalik Buterin

Technological historians will for a long time see Bitcoin as a fundamental innovation in Internet technology. It's the first distributed electronic currency that enforces a prohibition on double sp...

Bitcoin for Merchants, Part II

By: Vitalik Buterin

In the first part of this series, I talked about the use of Bitcoin in physical stores, and the conclusion was that with the introd...

Bitcoin for Merchants, Part I

By: Vitalik Buterin

With immediate hopes of Bitcoin's value exploding past $100 shattered, the community's focus has now moved to improving Bitcoin's viabi...

The Calm After The Storm

By: Vitalik Buterin

After the recent upheavals that have shaken the Bitcoin economy, both technical and [financial](

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The Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange and Why It Matters

By: Vitalik Buterin

The Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange is now, as of May 5, up and running. The stated intent of the exchange is to allow people to "issue shares to raise capital, pay dividends to ...