Bitcoin Box

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Submitting an Article

The Bitcoin Box is willing to pay writers for articles and for authorization to publish said article under the public domain. Furthermore, we're looking for topics in:

They are permissible if they are related to bitcoin in some way.

Let also make clear topics that we do not cover:

The first step in the process of submitting an article, is to make a pitch to the editor-in-chief. If he likes it, he will commisions you to write an article that was the topic of the pitch. After this, you will have approval to complete a rough draft and the ability to login into the internal writing/editing system. You will iterate your draft until it is approved and published by a staff writer or the editor in chief.

During the process of pitching an article, they all must be forwarded to hackerkiba at


As far as payment goes, they are not simple fees like a bitcoin per article but is determined through a complex payment aglorithm. To understand this, you will need to understand how Bitcoin Box makes money.

Business Model

The primary source of income for Bitcoin Box is the ransoming of finished articles. In this model, we hold finished articles and comics and refuse to release them until people collectively donated enough bitcoin to reach a publicly announced goal. The formula is currently defined as: 0.50 BTC plus 0.10 BTC for every new articles and comics that are added to the ransom list. The incentive to donate can be further increased with sponsors that pledge certain discounts for goods and services when people donate certain amount of bitcoin. Once the articles/comics are released, they are placed under the public domain to the fullest extent possible.

How we determine your pay

Your pay percentage is determined by how many articles you contributed divided by how many articles total that was ransomed in addition to your employment status with Bitcoin Box(Freelancers get .5 points for every articles contributed, while staff writers/cartoonists get 1 points for every articles contributed). Furthermore, 10% of the ransom balance goes directly to Bitcoin Box to pay for hosting and domain name. In addition, some of it are reserved for future use.

An example:

Suppose we raised a balance of .70 BTC and you are a freelancer who contributed an article in the pool of 3 articles.

Since Bitcoin Box gets 10%, that means 0.63 BTC are available for payout. Furthermore, you are a freelancer, so you only get .5 points for every article you contributed. So you have .5 points out of 3. That means you get 16.6666667 percent of the total available payout. So you will get 0.105 BTC for your article. It is not much for an article but it helps Bitcoin Box remain a sustainable business.